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Firmware update for MES2300/3300 and MES5324 series switches. Firmware version - 4.0.6

12 July 2017

Eltex released new firmware versions for MES2300/3300 and MES5324 series Ethernet switches.
Firmware version 4.0.6:

  • L3 functionality (RIP, OSPF, PIM) on MES23xx
  • OSPF Network Type Point-to-Point
  • OSPF MTU settings
  • L2PT functionality
  • STP Loop Guard
  • MAC flapping logging
  • Logging of reaching the broadcast/multicast/unknown_unicast limits
  • ACL filtering by specified bit mask
  • East/west port can be assigned in ERPS Port-Channel
  • new authentication mode - break
  • long description support (up to 160 characters for interfaces)
  • VLAN mode TR-101 for operation with 2 VLAN tags
  • IP Prefix list support (for OSFP)
  • MTU settings per interface
  • format settings for DHCP Relay Option 82
  • Port Security Maximum logging
  • opportunity of SNMP Community Trap assignment in encrypted form

  • Queue-limits have been extended in QoS Tail-drop profile settings
  • the set of load balancing means has been extended for Port-Channel
  • the low limit for rate has been changed to 65 Kbps
  • MAC addresses limit on Port Security has been extended to MAC table limit

Firmware and detailed description of new facilities available in Downloads or on the product page.  

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