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Access VoIP Gateways for B2B

A range of multiport subscriber’s VoIP gateways TAU-xx.IP is intended for transmitting voice and facsimile information via IP networks. The gateways provide subscribers with high-quality telephone communication with supporting additional types of service: redirecting, awaiting a call, 3-way conference, interception of the call, group call, calling line identification presentation, etc.
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VoIP Gateways TAU-4.IP
4xFXS , 1xWAN , 1xUSB 2.0
VoIP Gateway TAU-16.IP
16 FXS ports, Telco-50, SIP, H.323, H.248
VoIP Gateway TAU-24.IP
24 FXS ports, Telco-50, SIP, H.323, H.248
VoIP Gateway TAU-32M.IP
up to 32 FXS/FXO ports, modular design
VoIP Gateway TAU-36.IP
36 FXS ports. CENTRONICS-36, SIP, H.323, H.248
VoIP Gateway TAU-72.IP
72 FXS ports, CENTRONICS-36, SIP, H.323, H.248
Production is over
Integrated platform MSAN MC1000-PX
up to 1152 ports of FXS; up to 16 Е1 streams; up to 8 combo-ports of 10/100/1000Base-T/1000Base-X; up to 4 ports of 10GBase-X
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