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Firmware update for MES2300/3300 and MES5324 series switches. Firmware version - 4.0.5

30 March 2017 Eltex released new firmware version for MES2300/3300 and MES5324 series Ethernet-switches

Firmware version - 4.0.5
  • IP-address changing in the same network can be implemented by the one command
  • MAC  based VLAN function is realized
  • Uptime ports monitoring function is realized
  • The possibility of password setting is implemented in bootroom
  • SNMP MAC address notifications function
  • MVR functions are realized for tagged ports
  • SNMP trap sending configuration according to state changing  of the separate port
  • 2 files of configuration can be stored
  • Rate limit function is realized on the port for different VLAN
  • Realization of source IP-address spoofing in IGMP queries while multicast-tv vlan configuring
  • Protection from BPDU with TCN flag reception on port
  • "Show interface" command was added to the Ethernet interface data output
  • MAC address notification function is realized
  • IP local proxy ARP function
  • Configuration Backup
  • Quantity of L3 interfaces was increased
  • Provides opportunity of simultaneous addition of MAC and IP access-list on ports
  • Default option 82 format was changed from custom to TR101

Firmware and detailed description of new facilities available in Downloads or on the product page.   

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