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Firmware update for MES23XX, MES33XX, MES2328I, MES35XX, MES5324

17 May 2023 Firmware Version 4.0.20

  • Added support for static ARP entries with Multicast MAC address;
  • Added support for BGP community;
  • Added support for OSPF auto-cost reference-bandwidth.
  • Fixed port going into UP state even though there was no physical connection in the stack;
  • Fixed the shortened version of the show ip interface vrf command not being accepted;
  • Improved device stability when SSH and Tacacs server work together;
  • Fixed an error in the PoE functionality, leading to a reboot of one of the stack units;
  • Fixed an error that occurred when negotiating an ssh key error;
  • Fixed issue with FIBO FT-S10-X3110LD SFP transceivers.
The firmware and detailed description of the product capabilities are available in the Downloads or on the product page.

If any questions corresponding update occur, please, contact our technical maintenance department.

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