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Firmware update for MES. Firmware Version

7 November 2023 Update for: MES2300-24, MES3300-24(F), MES5312, MES53xxA, MES5400-24, MES5400-48, MES5500-32

Firmware version:

  • Added the ability to authorize input commands via the TACACS+ protocol;
  • Added support for the NAS-ID (32) RADIUS attribute in Access-Request;
  • IGMP snooping table size increased;
  • Increased the number of LAG interfaces to 128;
  • Added binding of Dying Gasp to OAM.
  • Delays in switching traffic in the scheme with a VPC have been eliminated when one of the switches of the pair is rebooted;
  • Fixed a bug with raising the link to SFP-T after the shutdown/no shutdown command;
  • Fixed a bug in RPVST where the RPVST tree is built for a VLAN that is missing on the port;
  • Fixed a reboot of the switch at the time of switching on the ERPS if there is an ACL binding to any port;
  • Fixed switch reboot when arp table overflow;
  • Fixed the appearance of Link flapping when using various DAC and SFP+ modules to connect to servers with an Intel X722 adapter;
  • Fixed the hang of one device in the VPC pair after rebooting the second device;
  • Fixed a bug in learning the mac address of a neighbor of a VPC pair on a peer link;
  • Fixed incorrect cleaning of the arp table and output of the corresponding messages to the console.
The firmware and detailed description of the product capabilities are available in the Downloads or on the product page.

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