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Eltex has presented a new software feature – collision-free polling for WOP-2ac-LR5 and WB-2P-LR5

8 August 2019

Eltex Enterprise presented software support for Polling technology for WOP-2ac-LR5 and WB-2P-LR5. The feature is available in 1.3.0 and 2.2.0 versions of base and user station correspondingly.

The access to the media, according to IEEE 802.11, is defined by CSMA/CA protocol. The feature of CSMA/CA is that subscriber device checks the environment before sending data which are dedicated to be transmitted only via free environment. In the wireless broadband networks, directed antennas are used for long-distance transmission. In this case, the problem with hidden node may occur: the clients may not receive each other's signals, CSMA/CA mechanism operates inefficiently. Polling solves this problem using Time Division Multiple Access to the media. The management node is a base station, which constantly polls subscribers and performs arbitration when transmitting Upstream data. The access distribution allows to extend Downstream bandwidth, that improves quality of service providers' connection in suburban settlements.

The new feature of Eltex equipment solves problem with collision access in wireless broadband networks and provides bandwidth distribution among client devices. Thus, Polling realizes mechanism to provide clients with guaranteed bandwidth.

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