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ELTEX Smart Control System

“Eltex-SC” system – hardware-software system for automatic control over home systems and devices.

The solution includes:
  • Controllers embedded in subscriber devices (RG, NTU, WB)
  • Minimum configuration of “Eltex-SC” system server with 1+1 redundancy
  • Automatic CPE configuration for the connection to the “Eltex-SC” server
  • Ability to integrate with a carrier billing system for automatic creation of accounts
  • Ability to integrate with video monitoring provider
RG-35-WZ use case
RG-35-WZ_use case.jpg

NTU-RG-1421G-WZ use case

NTU-RG-1421G-WZ_use case.jpg
Motion sensor SZ-PIR
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Water leak detector SZ-WLK
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