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WOP-2ac-LR5 base station is an efficient solution for broadband access networks of 5-6 GHz

14 September 2018 Eltex Enterprise has completed the development of WOP-2ac-LR5 base station. The device works on PTM (point-to-multipoint) communication and allows organizing a wireless network in private housing together with WB-2P-LR5 subscriber device.

WOP-2ac-LR5 is used in various environmental conditions – in a wide range of operating temperatures and high humidity, with the ability to connect different sectoral antenna types.

• Base station with support for 802.11a/n/ac (5G Wi-Fi);
• Radio interface with MIMO 2x2 support;
• Up to 30 clients on a base station sector;
• Radio module power of up to 24 dBm;
• Operating temperature from -45 to +65° С;
• Optical interface for SFP.

Base station WOP-2ac-LR5 is an up-to-date flexible solution that provides extending coverage zone due to the power of the transmitter (up to 24 dBm) and use of sectoral antennas.
Should you have any questions relating to the device testing or others, please contact the Eltex commercial department:

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WOP-2ac-LR5 base station
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