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Updating production statuses

25 August 2021

At Eltex each manufactured equipment passes through all stages of the product life cycle. We always keep our customers informed about the production status of a particular device. Moreover, we also talk about the products of current development. All relevant information about the production status of the equipment is reflected in each product card on our website

 Today we will tell you about some updates in the production statuses that occurred over the last quarter. 

1. Thepre-series production:

 GPON OLT LTP-16N Station Terminal

 2. The industrial switch MES3708P received the status of serial production.

An interesting novelty, a distinctive peculiarity of which is to provide an increased level of protection of fault-tolerant data transmission networks at facilities where it is necessary to meet the requirements for resistance to temperature, mechanical and other influences.


We remind, that all manufactured equipment is avaliable for testing.

To do this, you need to contact the Eltex commercial department by sending a request to the mail

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Industrial switch MES3708P
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