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The firmware update for OLT MA4000-PX. Version 3.26.1

28 February 2018 Eltex released a new firmware version for multiservice access and aggregation node — OLT MA4000-PX.

Firmware version 3.26.1

  • Switch. Configuring of several DHCP-server`s addresses for DHCP Relay
  • Switch. Added dynamic vlan forwarding for model 1
  • PON. Added opportunity of disabling session limits on ONT while PPPoE IA is enabled
  • PON. Monitoring of band utilization by user services
  • PON. Support for long distance lines — up to 40 km
  • PON. Support for PTB38J0-6548E-SCPC SFP transceiver
  • PON. Unknown Unicast traffic is forbidden by default in address-table profile (no changes relating 3.24.6 firmware version)
  • PON. Added third-party ONTs licensing
  • System. Added opportunity to disable PPPoE IA session monitoring
  • System. IPSG configuration per vlan
  • System. Optimized utilization of RAM
  • System. Up to 3 simultaneous CLI-sessions by default
  • SNMP. Monitoring of band utilization by user services in SNMP
  • Switch. Fixed problem with pon-ports drop-out when reloading the trash
  • Switch. Fixed problem with IGMP report transmission simultaneously with IGMP leave
  • Switch. Decreased probability of collisions while MAC table filling
  • Switch. Optimized Report transmission mechanism in case of several Query receiving
  • PON. Fixed problem with PPP session starting, in bridge mode (no changes relating 3.24.6 firmware version)
  • PON. Fixed PPP sessions clearing while OLT reconfiguration
  • PON. Fixed problem with IPTV on the tree including ONT without Internet service
  • System. Changed FromHost field format in syslog messages
  • System. Fixed incomplete configuration applying on a slot
  • System. Eliminated freezing of alarm on a slot
  • System. Realized ONT unblocking while ONT configuration
  • System. Fixed clish crashing while logs uploading
  • System. Fixed firmware ONT files displaying
  • System. Fixed CLI crashing when spanning-tree active data is being requested
In a new firmware version, OLT MA4000-PX supports long distance connection – up to 40 km lines, when the market of telecommunication equipment offers similar solutions with support of up to 20 km lines.

The support for long distances connection may give advantages for detached houses area.

You can download the firmware and read the detailed description in Downloads or on the product page.

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