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Mass production of MES2448B switches

30 August 2021

In the modern world, absolutely all business processes related to any type of digital data transmission are the inseparable part of use of network switches. Everybody from a small retail bulk that accepts cashless payments through a terminal, to a large enterprise is able to perform the tasks solely due to the infrastructure that is being built on the basis of such irreplaceable devices.

Of course, there are also different requirements for switches at different levels of operation. To satisfy the customers’ demands the selection of manufactured switches should be wide. That is why Eltex pays attention to the "functionality-cost" balance. It is in the interests of the company to provide customers with such equipment options that could cover their task and not overload the devices with functionality, which is unnecessary and irrelevant for the customer.

An access switch MES2448B is a demonstrative example of how simplifying of some of the device's functionality makes it more affordable. It is designed for use on the networks of large enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as in operator networks. To meet the current requirements for network equipment, MES2448B connects end users to the network using 1G/10G interfaces. The device is provides high performance, flexibility, security and multi-level quality of service (QoS).


The MES2448B is equipped with a power supply unit, but it is also possible to connect a battery to ensure guaranteed power supply in the event of a loss of the 220 V primary mains. The redundant power supply system allows monitoring the state of the primary mains and notifying about the transition from one type of power supply to another.

Common features:

  • Advanced L2 features

  • Support for Multicast (IGMP Snooping, MVR)

  • Advanced security features (L2-L4 ACL, IP Source Guard, Dynamic ARP Inspection, etc.)

  • Uninterrupted power supply from the battery

  • Bandwidth - 176 Gbit / s

  • MAC Address Table - 32K

The device is in mass production and is available for free testing.

For more information, please contact the specialists of the Eltex commercial department:

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