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Firmware update for WOP-2ac-LR5 and WOP-2ac-LR2 base stations. Firmware version – 1.6.0

20 August 2020 Eltex has released a new firmware version for WOP-2ac-LR5 and WOP-2ac-LR2 base stations. 

  • Implemented a test mode to check the configuration
  • Implemented upper modulation limitation (CLI) feature
  • Added ACL configuration in Web interface (MAC ACL)
  • Implemented the ability to transmit packets up to 2000 bytes in WDS mode
  • Added SFP connection/disconnection events and optical link state in syslog
  • Added 'Radio Information' tab to the 'Monitoring' page in Web configurator
  • SNMP: reworked information in traps
  • SNMP: supported information output in a table format
  • Enhanced information on subscriptions to multicast groups in client monitoring (CLI)
  • Redesigned diagrams on page 'Traffic statistics' in Web interface
  • Added hyperlinks to client IP addresses in monitoring

The firmware and detailed description of the product capabilities are available in the Downloads or on the product page. If any questions corresponding update occur, please, contact our technical maintenance department.

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