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Firmware update for MES

7 March 2024 Update: MES2300-XX, MES3300-XX, MES5312, MES53xxA, MES5400-24, MES5400-48, MES5500-32

Firmware Version:

  • Fixed an error disabling hardware routing in VRRP;
  • Fixed the error of selecting the Endpoint address of the tunnel when rebuilding the IGP;
  • Fixed a peer-link blocking error when receiving PVST bpdu;
  • Fixed the SFP-T status error;
  • Fixed the error of processing OSPF Hello packets;
  • Fixed the collision of MAC addresses of VRRP processes;
  • Fixed MD5 error for BGP neighbor's;
  • Changed the MAC address of the OOB interface to the system one;
  • Fixed the RPVST problem that causes SVI interfaces to be Down;
  • Fixed a problem that leads to stack collapse with high traffic load on the CPU;
  • Fixed a problem that causes ports to drop out of LAG when there is a high traffic load on the CPU.
The firmware and detailed description of the product capabilities are available in the Downloads or on the product page.

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