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Firmware update for MES

21 December 2023 Update: MES2300-XX, MES3300-XX, MES5312, MES53xxA, MES5400-24, MES5400-48, MES5500-32

Firmware Version: 6.6.2

  • Added the option to select the checksum calculation method for VRRPv3;
  • Added support for IP-MAC EVPN routes Type 2;
  • Added the ability to change Administrative Distance for static routes and for OSPF routes;
  • Added support for authentication in BGP;
  • Added the ability to change the privilege level for commands;
  • Added VRRP authentication;
  • Added support for FangHang FH-DP10T30QQ03 100G QSFP28 Copper 3M DA module;
  • The MTU size has been increased to 10240 bytes for transit routed traffic.
  • Fixed behavior blocking the passage of a client ARP packet through a multicast VXLAN tunnel;
  • Improved the stability of the ERPS sub-columns;
  • Fixed a problem when copying configuration from BGP;
  • Fixed the reboot of the backup unit in the stack when there is a negotiation bypass setting;
  • Fixed an issue that causes the switch to reboot when polling it in the first seconds of booting via SNMP with OID:
  • Fixed the problem of detecting link drop on a neighboring device using SFP-T;
  • Fixed a possible hang when configuring VxLAN Multicast replication;
  • Fixed SSH server freezing when receiving a package with an empty SSH version;
  • Fixed a reboot that occurred when re-creating a VPC group;
  • Fixed incorrect status of VPC groups after rebooting one of the devices in a VPC pair;
  • Added support for joint operation of the VRRP and VPC protocols.
The firmware and detailed description of the product capabilities are available in the Downloads  or on the product page.

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