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Firmware update for MES5312, MES53xxA, MES5400-24, MES5400-48. Firmware version

12 April 2023 Firmware Version

  • Added support for stacking on MES5400-XX;
  • Added show-commands for displaying EVPN/VXLAN information;
  • Added the ability to select algorithms for the SSH server;
  • Added sending SNMP trap and syslog messages when the device is rebooted using the reload command;
  • Added MSDP support;
  • Added support for EVPN multihoming;
  • The number of loopback interfaces has been increased to 64;
  • Added support for Multicast VXLAN;
  • Added support for IGMP static groups for PIM and IGMP-Proxy;
  • Added support for Route Target Community;
  • Added support for Symmetric IRB;
  • Added support for PIM snooping;
  • Added support for BGP in VRF;
  • Added support for OSPF in VRF;
  • Added support for static routes in VRF;
  • Added display of BGP Community and Extended Community;
  • Added the ability to configure the default route announcement condition in the BGP protocol.
  • Fixed possible incorrect restart when the device is booting;
  • Fixed error when ACL is deleted from vlan interface;
  • Fixed displaying "Security level" field in the WEB interface;
  • Fixed a problem with learning ARP for IP interfaces on Port-Channel;
  • Fixed a critical error after the closed of a remote SSH session;
  • Fixed error when viewing show inventory;
  • Fixed error when loading configuration via TFTP;
  • Fixed error when connecting to a device via SSH;
  • Fixed local user authorization error when the Radius server is unavailable and the break method is enabled.
The firmware and detailed description of the product capabilities are available in the Downloads  or on the product page.
If any questions corresponding update occur, please, contact our technical maintenance department.

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