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Firmware update for MES23XX, MES33XX, MES35XX, MES5324 series switches

15 August 2022 Firmware Version 4.0.18

  • Spanning tree bpduguard support for PVST/PVST+
  • Support for PVST/PVST+ bpdu filtering
  • Basic Multi-VRF support for static routes, DHCP Relay, OSPF, SNMP
  • SCP server support
  • Support for Port-Channel as an egress interface when configuring RSPAN
  • Route-map support for OSPF
  • BGP IPv6 support
  • Implementing the "errdisable recovery interval" setting separately for each physical interface

  • Fixed issue with FiverTool, UpNet, ModuleTech WDM SFP modules
  • Fixed issue where snmp-server source-interface could not work with loopback-interface
  • Fixed an issue when the interface would not change status to UP on a two-pair copper cable with the default configuration
  • Fixed an issue where a hang occurred when copying a configuration to running-config
  • Fixed display of directly connected networks in show ipv6 route command output
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when loading a configuration in startup-config
  • Fixed critical error when configuring VPC on MES35xx
  • Fixed problem with authorization of long commands
  • Fixed memory leak due to copy over SCP
  • Increased the maximum number of characters in the VLAN name (up to 128)
The firmware and detailed description of the product capabilities are available in the Downloads or on the product page.

If any questions corresponding update occur, please, contact our technical maintenance department.

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