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Firmware update for MES23XX, MES33XX, MES35XX, MES5324 series switches. Firmware version - 4.0.17

4 July 2022 Firmware version - 4.0.17

  • Added NSF (Non-Stop Forwarding) support for stack mode;
  • Added restriction on the simultaneous use of different ring protocols;
  • Interface state change logging can be disabled now;
  • Added the feature to DHCP snooping, which disables the interface when the specified number of DHCP datagrams per second is exceeded;
  • Added file copy start event SNMP-trap;
  • Added "show lldp neighbors detail" command;
  • Added software version display in show lldp neighbors detailed output;
  • Traffic transmission between ports on which QinQ is configured in tr101 mode, with the same S-VLAN tags, but different C-VLAN tags is now forbidden;
  • Implemented the ability to configure MAC address replacement in IGMP-report when using IGMP-Proxy;
  • Implemented restricted-tcn on LAG interfaces;
  • Changed TCAM resource allocation mechanism;
  • Added port trust mode when replacing source ip/mac in IGMP-report;
  • Increased stack throughput in ring topology;
  • When assigning a vlan attribute from a radius server, the value of the Tag field in the AVP Tunnel-Private-Group-Id can take any value;
  • Added the ability to configure the minimum number of aggregated links for LACP;
  • Added the ability to limit the maximum number of CLI sessions;
  • The password in the logs when copying files via SCP is not displayed anymore;
  • Increased file download speed when issuing copy commands via telnet and SSH;
  • Added the ability to assign the backup role to the maximum number of devices in the stack;
  • Added full message output when rebooting the device via SNMP.
  • Fixed "show port jumbo-frame" and "show interfaces mtu" outputs;
  • Fixed "show radius-servers status" command;
  • Fixed stuck users in "show users";
  • Fixed configuration loading issue if it contains "logging events spanning-tree topology-change";
  • Fixed issue with incomplete MAC table flushing;
  • Fixed traffic breaks when changing aggregated link membership with 4K VLAN;
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of GVRP with Jumbo Frame enabled;
  • Fixed rate-limit (burst not set) issue where no traffic was transmitted;
  • Fixed the issue of stopping traffic that occurs when entering the "traffic-limiter mode pps" command;
  • Fixed switch reboot that occurred when entering the "show ip ospf database router" command;
  • Fixed %p template value for port-channel in option 82;
  • Passwords in unencrypted form are not displayed in syslog anymore;
  • Fixed loopback-detection on port-channel;
  • Fixed the simultaneous use of QinQ and CFM;
  • Fixed port switching in UP state when transmission is disabled on SFP module;
  • Fixed offset-list functioning in customer mode with double tagging;
  • Fixed power issues when connecting Hikvision cameras;
  • Fixed removal of all routes at once by the "no ip default-gateway X.X.X.X" command;
  • Snmpbulkwalk request processing has been stabilized;
  • Fixed operation of Status indicators when updating the version;
  • Fixed the issue when configuring STP protocol after disabling ERPS protocol;
  • Fixed the issue when polling stack ports via snmpwalk command;
  • Fixed display of "selective-qinq list egress" rule in running-config;
  • Fixed discrepancy between the state of Port-Channel and physical ports in it when (R)PVST is running;
  • Removed special character in TACACS accounting packets;
  • Fixed SysUptime field value in sFlow packets.
The firmware and detailed description of the product capabilities are available in the Downloads or on the product page.

If any questions corresponding update occur, please, contact our technical maintenance department.

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