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Firmware update for MES

28 July 2023 Update for: MES3300-24F, MES5312, MES53xxA, MES5400-24 и MES5400-48

Firmware version:

  • Added the ability to configure the DHCP Option 82 format by templates;
  • Added the possibility of simultaneous relabeling of VLAN ID, COS and DSCP via service policy;
  • Added the ability to monitor the parameters of power supplies;
  • Added the ability to configure storm control, rate-limit and policer in pps;
  • Added the possibility of relabeling DSCP to COS traffic;
  • Added Root guard for individual instances in mst;
  • Added the ability to set 802.1p priority for VLAN management;
  • Added the ability to configure SNMP trap to change the state for each port;
  • Added support for Ethernet OAM;
  • Added support for STP TC Protection;
  • Added the ability to configure supported Ethertype for LAG;
  • Added the ability to configure Lookup Length for the disposal of FDB for MES53xxA switches;
  • Added logging when receiving STP BPDU with the Topology Check flag;
  • Added information about the interface with the last accepted Topology code in the output of show spanning-tree;
  • Added support for IGMP Snooping per-port Fast Leave.
  • Fixed a problem with traffic transfer to VRF for stack units with backup and slave roles;
  • Fixed the behavior in which the RPVST tree is built in VLANs forbidden on the port;
  • Fixed hanging of one device from a VPC pair when rebooting;
  • Fixed device reboot while using ERPS and binding the ACL to the physical interface at the same time.
The firmware and detailed description of the product capabilities are available in the Downloads or on the product page.

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