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Eltex Home update

18 September 2023 At the end of last year, we announced the Eltex Smart Home system. Since the release, the number of active users has increased — now thousands of people use Eltex smart devices at their homes.
The Eltex Smart Home system is actively developing. The main focus is on improving the user experience of interacting with the system, adding features and developing new devices.


A new version of Eltex Home application
Starting from version 2.7, the Eltex Home application has a new design. The interface was designed to be simple and clear, so that users could appreciate the benefits of the Eltex Smart Home without any unnecessary complications.
  • Improved navigation. Now access to the application main sections such as home page, smart home services, scenarios and general settings, is carried out through the tab bar at the bottom of the screen. This will help the user to quickly find the necessary functions and manage the device conveniently.
  • Updated main screen. The main screen displays all the connected smart devices, making it easier to interact with them from one place. Right here it is possible to combine devices into groups, for example, distribute them among rooms in the house. In addition, on the main screen the user can add new devices and view smart home events through the notification menu.
  • Stories. A block of stories has appeared with useful information on Eltex Smart Home. It is located at the top of the main screen. Stories are constantly updated to provide the latest news, updated features and released devices of Eltex Smart Home.
  • Promo block. The promo block has been added to the main screen of the application, which presents smart devices and hubs from Eltex available for purchase. Upon clicking the desired device, a screen will be opened with description and links to marketplaces where this device can be purchased.
  • Technical support. It is possible to contact technical support team and quickly get help through the chat directly from the Eltex Home application. This feature allows quickly solving any technical issues with the connection and operation of smart devices, as well as the operation of application and platform.


Integration with smart home platforms of other vendors
We talked about the support of Eltex smart devices on the Yandex and Sber smart home platforms last year. In addition, the VK smart home platform now also works with Eltex smart devices. The Wi-Fi and Z-Wave smart devices can be managed using both the Marusya application and devices supporting the Marusya voice assistant.
Thanks to integration with third-party platforms, new opportunities appear for interaction of sensors, household appliances and other devices from different vendors. For example, various scenarios can be created for their operation in conjunction with Wi-Fi and Z-Wave smart devices from Eltex.
The integration allows managing smart devices using Alice voice assistants from Yandex, Marusya from VK and Salute family of virtual assistants from Sber. That further improves the flexibility in application.

New smart devices
Eltex continues to improve and complement its own smart home ecosystem. One of the key aspects is to create new smart devices that will expand the capabilities of Eltex Home. Two new products have recently become available — a smart relay with a zero line, a temperature and humidity sensor.

The Wi-Fi smart relay SW-RLY02 has a zero line and two connection channels. It is compatible with both incandescent lamps up to 800 W per channel and LED lighting sources up to 100 W per channel. In addition, it is also possible to connect low-power household devices to the relay, for example, water shut-off valves, and to control their operation via the Eltex Home application.


The temperature and humidity sensor SZ-AIR-HT01 will help to control the climate at home. It connects to a hub via the Z-Wave protocol, runs on a battery and can be installed in any chosen place without cables. There is also an alternative way of power supply via microUSB.


New smart devices will be perfectly suitable for use in home automation scenarios. For example, a temperature and humidity sensor can be used with smart sockets, which the climate control equipment is connected to. Depending on the sensor readings, the climate control equipment will be turned on or off in order to maintain optimal weather at home. Or, using a smart relay, water leak detector and electric actuated ball valves, it is possible to automatically shut off the water in the event of a leak at home.

New devices are planned to be released for the Eltex Smart Home in the near future:
  • IR remote control for managing household appliances and climate control equipment;
  • smoke detector;
  • Wi-Fi camera;
  • inrush current limiting relay;
  • new Z-Wave hub.
We will keep you informed about new released devices in the next news. Follow the updates on the official ELTEX website and in the VK community.
For more information about Eltex Smart Home, please contact the ELTEX sales department:

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