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Eltex Smart Home is available for customers

21 November 2022 Eltex officially presents its own Smart Home system for a wide range of consumers. For several years, this system has been improved, new functions were introduced and tested. Now the company is ready to present it to customers.


Eltex Smart Home system

A smart home ecosystem is based on Eltex Smart Cloud (SC) platform, and with the help of control devices, sensors and software it makes the user's place of residence or work more convenient, cozy and safe.


The Smart Home core is Eltex Wi-Fi router with a built-in controller. In addition to advanced wireless access, it can manage smart devices using Z-Wave and Wi-Fi protocols. Eltex has four routers with smart home control feature:
  • RG-35-WZ, RG-5440G-WZ with network connection using twisted pair cables;
  • NTU-RG-5420G-WZ, NTU-RG-5440G-WZ with network connection using fiber-optic cables. 


Z-Wave is used in Eltex Smart Home system for the following reasons:
  • Excellent protection against radio interference, jamming and hacking (AES 128 encryption);
  • Energy efficiency (battery life up to 5 years);
  • Large indoor coverage area (up to 100 m).
Wi-Fi is the most common standard for connecting smart home devices. It allows exchanging data between devices using wireless communication. To use all the features of smart Wi-Fi devices, you do not need a special hub, just a router connected to the Internet. This standard is used as an additional one for managing some devices in Smart Home ecosystem, such as smart sockets and online cameras.

Smart Home Sensors and Devices

Eltex Smart Cloud platform interacts with smart devices covering the user basic needs in home automation facilities. The following Eltex devices are currently available:
  • Wi-Fi:
    • SW-RLY01 and SW-RLY02 lighting control relays;
    • SW-PLG01 smart socket;
  • Z-Wave:
    • SZ-MCT contact door/window sensor;
    • SZ-PIR motion sensor;
    • SZ-WLK water leak detector.
In addition, Flussonic online cameras from Erlyvideo are available in Eltex Smart Home. We have announced about integration before. Online cameras will show what is happening in the house in the absence of the user and record all activities.


The closest promising developments: temperature sensor, smoke detector, IR remote control, and wall wireless switch.
Eltex Smart Home also works with devices from other manufacturers. The list of tested devices is published on the official website of the company.

Applications and Voice Control

Eltex Home application is a smart home control panel. It provides a modern level of comfort and combines all Eltex Smart Home features in the user interface: it allows you to remotely control household appliances and lighting, security and video surveillance systems, as well as to set up smart home scenarios. Using it, the user controls all devices from anywhere in the world, receives information from sensors and notifications about activities.
Eltex Home application is available for any iOS and Android mobile devices. The application is constantly updated and evolved. A new version of the application is currently being developed, which will soon be available to users. You can also control your smart home through a web application.


Eltex devices can be used not only in the native smart home ecosystem. Since this year, they are compatible with many third-party platforms.
Yandex platform has become the first platform compatible with Eltex Smart Home devices. Smart devices are managed through House with Alice application. Voice control is available both from the application and any device that supports the Alice voice assistant.
We recently reported on the availability of Eltex devices realized on the Sber platform. They can be controlled using Salute application, voice commands, and devices supporting the Salute virtual assistant family — Sber, Joy and Athena. For example, the Sber smart speaker.


The integration will help to go beyond a single platform and expand home control capabilities through the use of sensors, home appliances and other devices supported by companies' smart homes. For example, to use devices from other manufacturers in conjunction with Eltex devices.

Smart Home Services

In Eltex Home application, the management is carried out using services in which sensors and devices are grouped according to their functions.


The “Security” Service will notify about the visit of uninvited guests. Without large investments and relatively quickly, a custom home security system is created with control through the application. Sensors are in constant communication with the Smart Home platform and their service life is longer thanks to the FLiRS technology.
The contact door/window and motion sensors will be triggered when someone is entering and leaving the house, and Eltex Home app will inform you about it. The service will show what kind of threat causes the sensor activation, and the camera connected to the security circuit will record and send the incident video directly to the event log. This will enable the user to quickly analyze the situation and immediately call the police.
The “Comfort” Service will create a cozy atmosphere in the house, quickly react to water leakage and notify you of the temperature and humidity level. Eltex Smart Home is constantly monitoring connected sensors, and in case of an accident or a critical deviation from the normal readings in the room, it will immediately report you using an alert notification or a call. The application has a recommendation system, with the help of which you can return the house conditions to a comfortable state.
The “Lighting” Service will help you to create lighting automation schemes in your home without using unnecessary wires. A smart relay is used to control the basic lighting, and smart sockets — the auxiliary one. In addition, it is possible to connect to a smart socket any household devices, including power-demanding ones, such as an iron, a heater or a boiler (up to 3 kW).
Using Eltex Home application, it is convenient to monitor the current state of the connected devices or the lighting as well as to manage them: to turn on/off the light and equipment by timer, create different scenarios with other devices, for example, with motion sensors.
The "Cameras" Service will help you to connect IP cameras and visually monitor the premises online. For example, you can watch pets and other activities while you are away from home.
Online cameras also work with the “Security” service. This gives you a complete control over what happens in the house. In case of an emergency situation, when a motion or door/window sensor is triggered, cameras will automatically record a video and immediately send it to Eltex Home application.


With the help of sensors and smart home devices, countless user scenarios can be realized. There can be easily created different chains of equipment operating conditions in Eltex Home, House with Alice and Salute applications. For example, it is possible to create such a scenario, when at a certain time the basic light turns off automatically and the auxiliary light turns on to make subdued lighting. You can also set up the operation of smart home devices so that they can react to certain events. For example, use a motion sensor to automatically turn on the light when a person enters the room.

Opportunities for corporate customers

Eltex Smart Home technologies give corporate customers additional competitive advantages. For telecom operators, they offer new services that are interesting for customers, attracting new subscribers and increasing the loyalty of current ones by offering modern home automation services. For developers — improving the residence attractiveness for potential buyers, creating a managed automation infrastructure not only in a separate residence, but also in the whole residential building.
Eltex offers a hardware-software complex for creating a smart home according to customer requirements. The Smart Cloud platform has an open API and is customizable both cosmetically and functionally.
Eltex Smart Home system provides new opportunities for everyday mobility, which will facilitate the management of routine household processes, help to create a comfortable environment in the house and protect it.

For more information about Eltex Smart Home system, contact Eltex Sales Department at

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