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Eltex has released a new firmware for ECSS-10 Softswitch. Version — 3.10.

3 April 2018

Eltex presents a new function set of ECSS-10 Softswitch. Version — 3.10.

The following changes were made in the firmware version 3.10:
  • Improved stability of the system
  • Improved usability of the WEB interface according to customers' feedback
  • Extended function set of intercom service:
    - Added opportunity to configure public and private conference templates by intercom dispatcher
    - Added visualization of a signal level of each conference participant 
  • Extended IVR functionality:
    - Added opportunity to set limits for IVR scripts for a domain (the maximum number of scenario blocks, the list of available scenario blocks)
    - Added opportunity to select time zone in Time block of IVR scenarios
    - Added opportunity to configure mode of unattended call transfer processing in Queue scenario block 
  • Extended virtual PBX functionality:
    - Added opportunity to create a new domain on the basis of existing one

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