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ELTEX has developed AutoProvision - a system for automatic configuration of IP phones

16 January 2020

ELTEX specialists has developed AutoProvision (AuP) — a solution for VoIP systems automatic configuration. It is an independent component of ECSS-10 hardware-software complex and can be supplied both as a part of the package and separately.

AutoProvision is intended to be used for different purposes including:
  • automatic configuration uploading to IP phones;
  • centralized update management;
  • subscriber terminals’ state monitoring.
The solution considerably reduces the time of enterprise VoIP systems configuration. The unique benefit of AutoProvision is the opportunity to configure subscriber terminals for most common vendors (Eltex, Yealink, Cisco, Avaya, Grandstream, Htek, Fanvil and others). The offered solution has a flexible licensing system that allows providing services both to small offices and to large public or commercial organizations.

Key benefits:
  • Autoconfiguration of popular vendors’ phones;
  • Automatic updating of phone software;
  • Modern WEB interface;
  • Creating own configuration templates;
  • Centralized management and monitoring;
  • Import/export of phone configurations;
  • Synchronization of subscribers with SSW ECSS-10;
  • Different access rights (administrator and user).
To obtain more detailed information and order a free test of AutoProvision, please, contact managers of ELTEX commercial department:


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