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Eltex announces a partnership with JeraSoft

23 January 2018

Eltex announces a partnership with JeraSoft, leading developer of billing solutions, and integration of ECSS-10 Softswitch with JeraSoft system, to offer JeraSoft’s and Eltex’s users seamless and competitive combination of high-performance tools.

4/5 level Softswitch ECSS-10 made by Eltex is a universal system for communication nodes construction on different levels, from small enterprise networks to carrier level (local, zone, transit, intercity, international communication nodes). The flexible modular architecture of the scalable platform, ECSS-10, allows performing cloud service for call processing that can replace a full-function set of a hardware PBX.

JeraSoft’s full-featured billing, rating, routing and mediation platform for telecommunication operators coupled with Eltex’s RADIUS AAA solutions enables providers to extend their business model and focus on businesses innovations.

“Integration with Eltex’s technology allows JeraSoft’s customers to have the ultimate user experience while growing their business with the 99.9999 % of reliability, guaranteed by both systems. This partnership is a display of JeraSoft and Eltex’s commitment to keeping clients ahead of their competition by virtue of chosen technologies irreproachability,” said Andrii Zinchenko, CTO at JeraSoft.

About JeraSoft:

JeraSoft is a leading developer and integrator of full-featured solutions for modern telecom, IoT and CSP. It was founded in 2005 in the UK as an engineering company. JeraSoft’s convergent billing, rating, routing and mediation solution, JeraSoft VCS for Mobile & Business Telecoms (Retail and Wholesale VoIP, MVNO/MNO, OTT and SMS Providers) is designed for billing of practically all kinds of services. Its functionality creates an avenue for much more meaningful experience and deeper data analysis for customers. At the same time, a software is highly compatible and focuses on covering customers’ needs with a completely flexible system.


Choosing JeraSoft and Eltex systems, customers get exceptional technical support during the deployment process to the current infrastructure. The step-by-step set-up under the strict supervision of professionals allows moving business to the next stages of its development in a short run.

For more details about Eltex’s Softswitch ECSS-10 configuration for the JeraSoft Billing Platform, please, consult our Integration Manual here.

You can obtain more detailed information from the Eltex commercial department

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