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Development of new MES2300 -xx and MES3300-xx switch lines

23 September 2022 Eltex engineers have started the development of the MES2300-xx and MES3300-xx series switches. Devices are being created taking into account the current needs of customers when building new data transmission networks or upgrading segments already created at the access and aggregation level.


The MES2300-xx and MES3300-xx series switches will receive a high-performance 64-bit processor with increased clock rate based on the modern ARMv8 architecture. DDR4 RAM will also be used, which will help to further increase the performance and stability of the devices.

The batch processor is equipped with an increased amount of ternary associative memory (TCAM) used for traffic filtering, which will allow configuring more security policies and implementing more flexible traffic processing services. The capabilities of the MES2300-xx access switches for traffic routing have also been improved: up to 4K IPv4 route records or up to 1K IPv6 routes, as well as up to 2K ARP records can be placed in their hardware tables.

The first in the development queue are the MES2300-24 and MES3300-24F models. The MES2300-24 is an access switch designed to connect end devices to the networks of enterprises or telecom operators. The MES3300-24F is a productive solution for combining and aggregating flows coming from access switches from various segments of large networks. The MES2300-24 will be equipped with 24 copper ports of 1 Gbps, and the MES3300-24F – with 20 optical ports (SFP), 4 combo ports for twisted pair or optics connection. As the backbone, each model will have 4 optical SFP+ ports of 10 Gbps.





The MES2300-24 has a built-in 90–264 V AC power supply and passive cooling. The MES3300-24F is a productive solution, therefore, an active cooling system of 4 Front-to-Back fans with automatically adjustable operating speed and redundancy of power from both AC and DC sources with hot-swappable is laid.

Key features:
  • bandwidth – 128 Gbps
  • stacking up to 8 devices
  • non-blocking architecture
  • static and dynamic routing (RIP, IS-IS, OSPF, VRRP, BGP)
  • VLAN support (Voice VLAN, IEEE 802.1Q, Q-in-Q, GVRP)
  • Multicast support (IGMP Snooping, MVR, IGMP Proxy, PIM)
  • security functions (L2–L4 ACL, IP Source Guard, Dynamic ARP Inspection, etc.)
Due to the support of modern protocols and services for security, data protection, switching and routing, the new devices will be an ideal solution for medium and large-scale networks.

Follow the development information on the Eltex website and in the company's social media groups. For more information, contact ELTEX Sales Department at

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