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Wi-Fi monetization tools in SoftWLC

18 March 2021 The Internet is an essential part of modern life. Everyone needs it always and everywhere. Public W-Fi is not a novelty today, but a default service available in most public places. At the same time, Wi-Fi network has become more than just an Internet connection: it is now a full-fledged brand communication channel with the customer.

What does that mean? For example, a customer needs to deploy a public wireless network. At the same time, this network should be used to inform customers about promotions, discounts or special offers. Paid Wi-Fi may also be needed. To implement these functions, a special management system is required. SoftWLC with the Captive Portal software module is the solution.

SoftWLC was originally designed for centralized management of Wi-Fi access point parameters. Now it is an entire software package with extensive features for carrier operators and corporate clients. The controller not only allows changing equipment settings, collecting and storing network status information, but also using the wireless network for marketing purposes, while complying with the current law on public Wi-Fi access.


1. Compliance with the law on public Wi-Fi
Many countries have laws requiring user authorization on public wireless networks. These laws are necessary to comply with anti-terrorism policies. Organizations that deploy public networks should provide the means for identifying users.

SoftWLC offers all available authorization methods: by call, SMS or vouchers. Customers can choose one that is convenient for their business.


Followed by patterns of authorization pages built with Captive Portal

2. Advertising, branding, redirect setting
Authorization page can be used for additional user interaction. Captive Portal allows:
  • Authorization page branding
  • Setting up a redirect to the customer’s website
  • Using banner advertising with promotions or showing videos
Actually, a public network becomes a customized advertising platform with tools suitable for any business, whether it is an international airport, a hotel or a small coffee shop.

3. Surveys
Surveys can be set up to improve service and collect feedback from business customers. For example, restaurant management staff wants to know what customers mind of waiters' work or the quality of food. The easiest way to do this is to set up a survey on Captive Portal.

4. Paid tariffs
The solution allows providing paid access to the Internet for Wi-Fi zone visitors. Upon connection, customers will be asked to select network usage conditions (a tariff). For the service owner, tariffs allow limiting the time, traffic and connection speed depending on a tariff selected. Integration with acquiring services allows customers to pay via e-wallets or credit cards. The solution is particularly relevant for hotels, airports, remote holiday camps, co-working spaces: wherever there is a need for paid Wi-Fi.

SoftWLC is a multifunctional controller that combines wireless network management and monitoring functionality. The controller makes it possible to monetize the Wi-Fi network and use it for marketing purposes.
SoftWLC is available for testing. For more details, please, contact the ELTEX commercial department or our official partners.

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