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vESR – new software solution for corporate network routing and protection

8 June 2023 ELTEX introduces a new product – virtual service router vESR. It is developed taking into account the specifics of corporate networks and is designed to solve the tasks of their protection and traffic routing.


vESR is a virtual solution that is installed on a server and uses its computing power for tasks. Installation via hypervisors Oracle VirtualBox, VMware ESXi on Linux systems, including Astra Linux, is supported.

vESR reduces infrastructure deployment time and provides comparable capabilities to hardwarebased solutions. In addition, virtual router has a sufficient level of fault tolerance and performance, and allows scaling quickly to meet growing business needs.

vESR offers a number of features that makes it a good choice for enterprise networks of all sizes.

vESR works with static and dynamic routing. The main dynamic routing protocols OSPFv2/v3, IS-IS, BGP, RIPv2 and RIPng are supported. A Prefix List is available to select the most successful routes.

PBR can help to configure routes more flexibly based on your own policies. To logically separate them within the same session, VRF is used.

ALG, Static NAT, and NAT network address translation are supported. Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) can optimally organize networks with a branched structure.

vESR offers features comparable to hardware solutions to protect your corporate network. Some of them are:
  • Firewall by L2–L4 fields, applications and trust zones;
  • Protecting the network with NAT;
  • Protection against external threats (DDoS attacks, viruses, etc.), prompt notification of suspicious activities;
  • Authorization based on RADIUS, TACACS+, LDAP;
  • IDS/IPS – Intrusion Detection and Prevention System*.
* Available for free version, support in other versions - in subsequent updates.

vESR has all the necessary tools to create virtual private networks. Tunnels based on OpenVPN, L2TPv3, IPsec, IPIP, GRE, DMVPN and others are supported. This makes it possible to create secure encrypted connections between company branches and to remotely connect employees.

Network fault tolerance
vESR manages bandwidth between multiple sources or routes to evenly distribute the load and improve the performance of a network with many users. In addition, vESR can be used for redundancy, e.g. main network gateway redundancy, by means of VRRP.


vESR has four commercial licensing options – Basic, Standard, Advanced and Premium, with an extended plus version for each option. This division makes it easier to select the necessary plan for specific corporate tasks. The license validity period is 1 year.

The license level directly affects the performance of NAT, firewall, routing, as well as the number of available VPN and the size of routing tables for major protocols. The higher the license level, the more options vESR has.

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In addition, a free version, that allows you to get acquainted with vESR features, is available for download. It can be used for testing before you decide to purchase the commercial version or for training purposes.

vESR is available for ordering. For purchasing and licensing questions, please contact the ELTEX Sales Department:

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