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The firmware update for Wi-Fi Access Points. Version 1.11.2

29 November 2017
Eltex has released a new firmware version for Wi-Fi Access Points.

Firmware version 1.11.2:
  • Added centralized RRM (for using this option, SoftWLC 1.7+ is required):
    - Automatic AP management for optimization of coverage area and interference zones
    - Automatic channels allocation for optimization of AP operation in an interference zone
  • Dynamic configuration of traffic shapers through CoA requests
  • Improved black and white MAC lists
  • Extended monitoring in Web interface: more detailed information on client connections
  • Supported Link Quality and Link Capacity parameters in Web interface
  • The operation under high-load conditions in captive portal authorization mode has been stabilized
  • Optimized the operation of Wi-Fi driver
  • WOP-12ac-ER supports GPON technology
  • The operation under high-load conditions while roaming has been stabilized
  • Fixed bugs occurred while traffic statistics displaying in Web interface
  • Fixed an issue occurred while hidden SSID mode operation 
You can download the firmware and read the detailed description in Downloads or on the product page.

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