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The new firmware version for SMG-2016 supports E1 streams redundancy

14 August 2019 ELTEX developers implemented new functionality on the SMG-2016 device - E1 stream redundancy in the master-slave mode. This solution allows you to organize automatic communication recovery over E1 streams when the main device fails, without the need for manual switching. For the opposite equipment - the switching to the redundant stream will appear as a short-term stream shutdown. Network recovery comes in less than 10 seconds.

Stream redundancy allows you to implement fault-tolerant circuits without the use of additional physical lines for any type of signaling. Debugging this E1 stream operating mode does not require any additional settings: it is enough to physically 'split' the E1 signal lines and make a parallel connection to the primary and redundant devices. The redundant device with this switching scheme does not interfere with the E1 streams operation.

To obtain more detailed information, please contact the managers of Eltex commercial department:


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