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The firmware update for WEP and WOP series wireless access points. The firmware version – 1.12.2

16 May 2018

Eltex released new firmware for Enterprise access points of WEP and WOP series.

Firmware version 1.12.2

  • Added mode for authentication via third-party captive portals
  • Support for regular expressions for white lists while portal authentication
  • Support for IPsec tunnels
  • Added free format of option 82
  • Support for WOP-2ac rev.B (for WOP-2ac)
  • Decreased low limit for output power of the transmitter for indoor access points
  • Added FBWA mode for outdoor devices
  • Fixed an issue with MFP mode
  • Fixed a problem with displaying of neighboring access points in high-loaded areas
  • The operation of portal roaming (APB) was optimized
  • Eliminated reconnections in WGB mode
  • Improved stability of base station operation for remote clients (for Outdoor devices, WOP series)
  • Fixed an issue with Radius-Domain transmission in accounting
You can download the firmware and read the detailed description in Downloads or on the product page.

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