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The firmware update for WB-15-W and WB-15-W2 wireless access points. The firmware version – 1.3.0

28 December 2020 Eltex has released a new firmware version for WB-15-W and WB-15-W2 wireless access points with LTE support.

New functionality:
  • Implemented possibility to issue syslog logs over the network 
  • DHCP server can now issue two DNS server addresses
  • To the list of available APNs added operators: SberTelecom, DANYCOM, Tinkoff Mobile
  • WB-15-W2 Wi-Fi scanner can now operate in sniffer mode or MAC address collection mode
  • Improved device configuration structure
  • Extended information output on cellular network connection in monitoring
  • Extended output of information about connected Wi-Fi clients
  • Enhanced capabilities of device monitoring via SNMP
  • Improved stability of operation over IPsec
  • Increased bandwidth in IPSec mode
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed interaction with SoftWLC via NETCONF protocol
  • Fixed problems with RADIUS Accounting in OTT scheme
  • Fixed problem with enabling Quality control when using PIN code
  • Fixes in Captive portal operation
  • Fixed faults in Web interface

The firmware and detailed description of the product capabilities are available in the Downloads or on the product page. If any questions corresponding update occur, please, contact our technical maintenance department.

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