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The firmware update for SMG-1016M/SMG-2016. Firmware version 3.10.1

1 October 2018

Eltex has released a new firmware version for SMG-1016M trunk gateway and SMG-2016 hybrid platform.

ECSS-10 firmware version: V.

SIP adapter firmware version:

  • Modification of link identifier for V5.2;
  • Home subscribers via PRI;
  • Grouping of RADIUS servers for the use of different servers in RADIUS profiles;
  • Ability to send unmodified CgPN or CdPN in the RADIUS User-Name attribute regardless of specified CgPN and CdPN modifiers;
  • Option of HOLD indication defying in SS7 link set settings;
  • 'Black list' service (for SMG-2016);
  • 'Do not disturb' service (for SMG-2016);
  • NTP server;
  • NTP servers announcement via DHCP.

You can download the firmware and read the detailed description in Downloads or on the product page

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