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The choice of enterprise PBX for small and medium businesses

29 May 2019 The stability of telephone communications is the most important condition for successful work for small and medium-sized companies with up to 500 employees. High-quality telephony allows to receive incoming orders from customers, resolve organizational issues with contractors, and promptly communicate to employees from different departments and branches. In addition, a lot of companies are investing serious budgets in advertising, evaluating the buyer's call as a conversion action. In that regard, even small interruptions in the telephony operation bring the business owner tangible losses in the form of lost profits.

To date, many company owners need to upgrade existing enterprise PBXs and provide new sales outlets with communications. Especially for these purposes, ELTEX has developed integrated solutions for organization of high-quality telephone communications for business.

PBX modernization

  • Companies that passed telephony to their office more than 10 years ago have a number of actual problems:
  • outdated equipment often fails;
  • the existing PBX does not have modern services (voice mail, virtual fax, no IP telephony connectivity);
  • there is no possibility of connecting more employees while increasing staff.
Equipment malfunctions bring a headache not only to the employee of the IT department of the company. During technical failures, potential customers can call a competitor and select his services. Depending on the area of business, the volume of lost profits for a day can be up to 150000 dollars.
Existing PBXs were installed under a certain number of employees, and when expanding the company and increasing staff, it is not always possible to organize new employment with existing equipment, or it is an investment in outdated equipment.

ELTEX equipment service life ranges from 10 to 20 years. As part of technical support, the company's specialists will help you to quickly solve all your problems related to operational issues. The support package also includes regular firmware updates, which are constantly being improved by appearing of new functionality. It allows you to maintain the actual functions of the devices for a long time and ensures the customer uninterrupted operation of the equipment.

Also in the basic configuration of ELTEX devices, there is a stock of SIP subscribers, which allows you to double the number of users when purchasing the appropriate licenses.

Opening a new office

When planning communications in a new office, the owner faces a number of serious issues:
  • How to choose, install and service equipment?
  • How to save money when buying equipment without losing quality?
  • How to ensure uninterrupted communication during power supply failures?
To select equipment that performs all the important functions for a business, IT knowledge is needed, which the owner does not always possess. That is why, it is very important to have the right engineering planning of the premises, the reliability of the supplier and the conditions of technical support when choosing devices.

To solve the problem of choosing suitable devices, ELTEX specialists will develop a technical scheme for free, determine the necessary amount of equipment in the office and propose a comprehensive solution to perform any production tasks related to telephony.

In addition, power supply interruptions often occur in new and old buildings - in the first case due to repairs and, therefore, an unstable distribution of loads, in the second - due to outdated electrical wiring that was not designed to use this amount of equipment .

With the use of ELTEX enterprise PBX, the problem of power interruptions will also cease to be relevant, since the devices provide for the installation of a backup battery that will support the operation of the device even during a power outage in the room.

ELTEX solution

SMG-200 operation diagram
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To connect an enterprise, designed for 50-200 employees, ELTEX offers a solution consisting of the following equipment:
  1. Enterprise IP PBX SMG-200 supports up to 200 subscribers. 16 RJ-11 ports can be used to connect analogue phones (FXS) and/or city lines (FXO). LAN ports are designed to connect to provider networks using SIP trunks and/or H.323 trunks, as well as to connect to VoIP gateways (for example, TAU-24 with support for 24 FXS ports) to increase the number of FXS/FXO ports. Call recordings and CDR files are stored on SD card or USB drive. It also provides the ability to automatically upload files to FTP server.

SMG-500 operation diagram

1 en.jpg
  1. To connect an enterprise, designed for 200-500 employees, ELTEX offers a solution consisting of the following equipment:
  2. Enterprise IP PBX SMG-500 supports from 250 to 500 subscribers. To connect to the PSTN, E1 ports and/or SIP/H.323 trunks can be used. Analogue phones are connecting to the SMG-500 via subscriber VoIP-gateways, IP-phones - through a data network. Call recordings and CDR files are stored on SD card or USB drive. It also provides the ability to automatically upload files to external drive and FTP server.
  3. Managed Access Switch MES2324 provides physical stacking, VLAN support, multicast distribution groups, and advanced security features.
  4. Multiport subscriber VoIP gateway TAU-24.IP is designed to transmit voice and facsimile information over IP networks. The gateway provides subscribers with high-quality telephone service.
  5. IP-phone VP-12 - a modern solution for connecting employees to the IP telephony network.

ELTEX solutions advantages:

  • A modern system that supports expansion to 200 and 500 subscribers with the prospect of increasing the number of employees without changing equipment.
  • Centralized management of numbering plan, subscriber services, access rights, etc. through a web interface.
  • Support of wide range of modern services (voice mail, group alerts, conferences, complex call forwarding, etc.).
  • The possibility of organizing a call center for call service.
  • Continuous availability of telephony. Access to the city network can be organized through analog FXO trunks, as well as through SIP trunks and/or H.323 trunks, including having several channels simultaneously. The channels for access to the telephone network are very flexible.
  • Security of conversations - local conversations take place within the system and do not go beyond the boundaries of the office network (unlike cloud PBXs), it is also possible to organize the recording of conversations without purchasing additional equipment.
  • Savings on telephone. The city network can be accessed through channels/providers that are more financially beneficial.
  • Business security - the equipment belongs to the company, so there is no dependence on the availability of Internet connection, the loss of the cloud operator.

To obtain more detailed information, please contact managers of Eltex commercial department:

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