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SMG-200 and SMG-500 announcement

15 February 2017 Nowadays, corporate market of IP PBX has a clear tendency: offices and companies with up to 50 employees are prone to using hosted PBX, while large enterprises prefer hardware PBX equipment.

Eltex Enterprise is designing IP PBX ECSS-10 based on digital gateway SMG-1016M, which will turn out to be an attractive offer for companies with 50-500 subscribers.

An office IP PBX SMG-200 for 100 SIP subscribers in basic configuration has an opportunity of extending up to 200 subscribers. 16 RJ-11 ports can be used for analog phones or city PBX connection (optionally). LAN ports are dedicated for connection to service provider networks through SIP-trunks and for extending FXS/FX0 ports using VoIP gateways (e.g. TAU-24 with 24 FXS ports support). The conversation records and CDR files are saved on an SD card. The opportunity of automatic files uploading to external media is provided.

An IP PBX SMG-500 is designed for large enterprises. SMG-500 supports 250 SIP subscribers in basic configuration and can be extended up to 500 subscribers optionally. E1 and SIP-trunks ports can be used for connection to service provider networks. Analog phones are connected to SMG-500 through subscribers VoIP gateways, IP phones are connected directly through the company network.

SMG-200 and SMG-500 allow companies to organize corporate telephone network between remote offices with minimal cost. City numbers are saved in all offices - clients can continue to call by known numbers. Employees from different offices can call each other using short numbers absolutely free. It leads to economy on intercity and international calls. The variety of services provides opportunity to create more effective individual scenarios of call processing. SMG-200 and SMG-500 support conference connection, conversation records, Mobile VoIP, voicemail, multipathing, multiterminal using, interactive voice menu etc.

Expected date of serial production launching - Q3 2017

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