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SL-10-WBZ – autonomous smart home with local and remote control

1 March 2024 The local center SL-10-WBZ intended for smart home control has been launched into serial production. Based on it, it is possible to create full automation of a home or a small office and at the same time to maintain maximum autonomy and confidentiality. The device is available for testing and ordering.


The entire logic of smart home as interaction with devices, scenarios, and schedules, is implemented inside SL-10-WBZ without interworking with a cloud platform on the Internet. The center combines the functions of a hub and a smart home platform. All data and settings are stored locally and do not go beyond the perimeter of the room, so users have full control over smart devices even without Internet access.

The local center supports the connection of Eltex smart cameras for video surveillance of the premises online. The Eltex Home application allows locally viewing online broadcasts or archive recordings through the built-in player. For local storage of video recordings, there is a microSD slot and three USB 2.0 ports for connecting external hard drives. It supports recording the entire video stream or by events, when only fragments with activity in the frame are saved.

To quickly search for such fragments, the player uses color coding. It is also possible to turn off recording and view the video stream only online.

Remote access
The local center is connected to the home router via Ethernet port 100 Mbps or Wi-Fi, 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless networks are supported. This is necessary so that smart devices and the center are on the same local network, and smart home can be controlled without Internet access.

Optionally, users can set up remote access to control smart home via the Internet, view video streams from cameras and work with local video archives. This connection is reliably protected; there is no need to worry about data interception by third parties.

To reserve a connection or to connect to a network in places where it is difficult to provide the Internet, you can use a 4G modem. It is connected to one of the USB ports on the case of the local center.

The smart home based on SL-10-WBZ is easy to control using the Eltex Home application, available for Android and iOS devices. In this application, the user receives all the information about the smart home, controls the operation of smart devices, and sets up local scenarios and schedules.

The application is used both for local control within a home and remote control via the Internet. In the first case, the smartphone should be connected to the same local network as SL-10-WBZ.

Smart devices support
Eltex Smart Home is a whole ecosystem of devices that will help make your home comfortable and safe. The local center fully supports smart devices and allows to control locally without interacting with the Internet. Simultaneous operation of up to 30 Wi-Fi smart devices, 30 Z-Wave sensors and 10 Eltex smart cameras is supported. This is enough to cover the automation needs of even a large home. More information about Eltex smart devices is available at the website.

SL-10-WBZ is an optimal solution for creating an autonomous smart home. The local center is available for testing and ordering. For more information about the device and its features, please contact the Eltex Sales Department at

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