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Service provider Mtel (Montenegro) chose Eltex GPON equipment for new network.

22 February 2017

Eltex extends export geography  through partners in other countries.

A project for supplying the third-largest  service provider in Montenegro  Mtel  with GPON equipment was implemented at the beginning of 2017. The SAT-TRAKT company performed as integrator and distributor of the project.

About 3000 Optical Network Terminals (ONT) NTU-2V and several Optical Line Terminals (OLT) MA-4000-PX were exported for new GPON network construction. The Mtel Company successfully tested and launched Eltex equipment into operation.

Mtel company obtained license as third-largest service provider in 2007. The company holds  51% of the local telephone service market in Montenegro. Mtel has 16 branch offices in 14 cities and towns.

SAT-TRAKT company, being an integrator of the project and leading distributor of cable television,  also specialized in telecommunication equipment supplies for VoIP, Cable service providers and for business clients from Serbia, Montenegro and other countries on Balkan peninsula. SAT-TRAKT have been representing Eltex company since 2015.

Eltex company in partnership with SAT-TRAKT offered the best conditions for project realization. Selected equipment completely satisfies declared specifications and has optimum price. Eltex equipment provides an opportunity to network scaling, fault tolerance and complies with high safety requirements.


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