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Serial production of SH-10-WZ smart home hub

7 March 2024 SH-10-WZ is a new Eltex smart home hub. This is the basic and most affordable solution in the hub model range to help automate routines and enhance home security. The device has been launched into mass production and is now available for testing and ordering.


The wireless protocol chosen for the hub is Z-Wave: it is less susceptible to interference and perfectly protected by 128-bit encryption. It also allows devices to run for a long time on a single battery due to optimized data exchange and the use of sleep mode.

A home router is required for the hub to access the Internet. It is possible to connect via a 100 Mbps Ethernet port or a 2.4 GHz network. The hub can be easily configured and added to the Smart Home platform using the Eltex Home mobile application.

Convenient management
The smart home based on SH-10-WZ is easy to control using the Eltex Home mobile application available for Android and iOS devices. In this application, the user receives all the information about the smart home state and events, controls the operation of smart devices, and sets up scenarios and schedules. Learn more about the new features of the application here.

Flexibility and scalability
The hub supports up to 30 smart devices. Due to the advantages of the Z-Wave protocol, they can be connected at a distance of up to 100 m (unobstructed). In addition, the signal perfectly passes through walls, so even one hub can cover the automation needs of not only a flat, but also a small house.

The Eltex smart device ecosystem is constantly being updated to offer more and more opportunities for automation. Currently available Z-Wave-based devices include door/window, leak, temperature and humidity, motion and smoke sensors. Find more information about them on the website.

Integration with third-party platforms
Smart devices connected to Eltex smart home via SH-10-WZ can be integrated to third-party smart home platforms Yandex, Sber, and VK. With the integration, Eltex devices can be controlled by voice via Alice, Salute or Marusya assistants, and can also be used in smart home scenarios together with devices from other manufacturers.

SH-10-WZ in combination with Eltex smart devices will help to create a convenient and functional smart home. The device is available for testing and ordering. For more information, please contact the Eltex Sales Department at

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