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Serial production of ESR-15/15R/30 routers

27 April 2023 Eltex expands the line of service routers. Serial production of new models, namely ESR-15/15R/30, has been launched. The routers are designed taking into account the relevant needs of customers and are suitable for optimizing the network infrastructure of small and medium-sized enterprises, increasing its performance and security.


ESR-15 and ESR-15R have similar characteristics and small size. The ESR-15R is rack-mountable, making it easy to stack with other network equipment. ESR-30 is a more advanced router, which is also made in a rack-mount design.

Important feature of new models – combination of routing and firewall functions in one device, as well as hardware acceleration of data processing, which ensures high performance of the corporate network.

In the future, the ESR-15/15R/30 should replace the ESR-10/12/20 in the line of current router models for small and medium-sized networks.

ESR-15/15R are equipped with four ports of 1 Gbps and two optical uplink ports of 1 Gbps. ESR-30 is more efficient model, it has four ports of 1 Gbps and two optical uplink ports of 10 Gbps. Additionally, all presented models have a console port.
Firewall/NAT/routing performance for ESR-15/15R is 1.24 Gbps (102.4k pps ), for ESR-30 it is 8 Gbps (666.4k pps*).
*Performance is given for 1518B frames. Detailed information can be found in the technical description of devices.

ESR-15/15R routers are equipped with two USB 2.0 ports, while ESR-30 comes with one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 port, along with a microSD card slot. For connection redundancy, a USB modem can be connected to devices.

Routing functions
ESR-15/15R/30 support network address translation services, including NAT, Static NAT and ALG, for correct data transmission within a corporate network and on the Internet.

MPLS label switching is available for optimal organization of the network infrastructure. This allows using routers in networks with a complex structure, facilitating efficient data transfer between remote offices. The LDP, L2VPN, and L3VPN mechanisms allow networks to be configured according to the specific requirements of customers.

New routers can work with both static and dynamic routes via BGP, OSPFv2/v3, RIPv2, IS-IS protocols. To filter them, the Prefix List is used, which allows selecting only the necessary routes and avoid unnecessary load on the device.

The BFD function for BGP and OSPF sessions ensures high reliability and availability of the network. It is responsible for promptly identifying faults and enabling the switch to redundant routes, which minimizes downtime and increases network performance.

Security functions
ESR-15/15R/30 have multi-level protection against external threats, such as DDoS attacks, viruses and other malware, as well as a system of prompt notification of them.

To control data transfer between the internal and external networks, as well as block unwanted traffic, a firewall is used based on trust zones, applications and based on L2/L3/L4 fields.

The IDS/IPS intrusion detection and prevention system and the real-time threat detection system for any type of traffic Kaspersky SafeStream II are available under the license. They will expand the ability to protect the corporate network from modern cyber threats.

Additionally, the new Eltex routers support VPN, L2TP, and IPSec tunnelling, enabling secure connections to be established between remote offices and employees. This increases the efficiency and safety of the company.

ESR-15, ESR-15R and ESR-30 are scalable solutions with flexible service settings. The new routers are suitable for small to medium-sized enterprise networks, thanks to their support for major routing protocols and security features, high performance, and ease of management.

The devices are available for order. For more information, contact Eltex sales department at

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