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The firmware update for border controllers SBC-1000/2000. Firmware version - 1.8.0

12 July 2017

Eltex released a new firmware version 1.8.0 for border controllers SBC-1000/2000.

Firmware version - 1.8.0:
  • Basic SNMP OID has been changed to
  • DoS attack prevention - ICMP flood, port scan, SIP flood
  • new firewall rules - GeoIP, String
  • opportunity of filtering by User-Agent
  • Time limiting for rule set
  • configuration via CLI
  • fail2ban operation has been improved
  • a number of VLAN interfaces has been increased on SBC-2000 to 500 (upon the license)
  • opportunity of setting the minimum registration time on SIP Users
  • RTP source port and IP control option
  • SNMP MIB files for the current firmware version can be uploaded from the device
  • Call statistics' counters has been added
  • Extended displayed data on registered subscribers
Firmware and detailed description of new facilities available in Downloads or on the product page.   

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