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Rostelecom launched "Manageable Wi-Fi" project using Eltex equipment

27 April 2017

PJSC Rostelecom launched "Manageable Wi-Fi" project using Eltex equipment. A solution which was used in the project as a network core includes:

  • Wi-Fi  SoftWLC controller
  • Service router ESR-1000

WEP-2ac and WEP-12ac indoor access points and WOP-2ac and WOP-12ac outdoor access points, which comply IEEE 802.1ac, were used as terminal devices. Eltex access points provide high-quality services to a customer (airtime fitness, channel management, etc.). The architecture of the project includes a unified controller, which is located in Moscow, and provides unified authenticated users database. Authentication is implemented through SMS in accordance with Federal Order №758.

A special marketing tool - Captive Portal allows clients to brand start page and provide customers with marketing information.  Eltex developers implemented a multilayer configuration and management system for each branch, which also provides monitoring and technical support. Moreover, Eltex specialists designed "Subscriber account" for B2B segment as an interface for statistics and traffic viewing and customization.

The ESR-1000 service routers are used for L3 connection between PJSC Rostelecom branches and Federal platform. ESR-1000 are capable to terminate up to 500 access points. In 2017 Eltex plans to launch production of routers which will be capable to terminate up to 5000 access points. Eltex and Rostelecom specialists are developing communication projects for clients who are ready to use up-to-date advertisement tools and provide their customers with a high-quality Wi-Fi service.

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