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Pre-production of IP phone VP-30P

21 December 2023 Pre-production of the Eltex VP-30P IP phone has been started. The new model is designed considering the needs of modern corporate communication and provides wide application possibilities.

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High sound quality
The phone uses HD Voice technology codecs. High-quality voice transmission, which is especially important for business negotiations and conference calls, is ensured due to efficient compression algorithms.

The basic VoIP codecs (G.711, G.726, G.729, etc.) are supported along with additional audio processing functions such as comfort noise generation, echo cancellation, etc. The next versions will support G.722, OPUS, and AMR-WB broadband codecs.

Display and control
The VP-30P is equipped with a 4.3-inch color display with 800 × 480 px resolution. The large display makes it easy to find settings and access the necessary information.

There are 10 programmable keys with dynamic function assignment located next to the phone screen. Indication of watched subscriber line status (BLF) is available. Moreover, you can reassign 4 keys under the screen and navigation keys at your own convenience. There are 4 keys on each side of the dial panel for quick access to the most used functions.

The VP-30P supports Ethernet power supply technology (PoE+). Due to the built-in 1 Gbps dual-port switch, the phone and computer can be connected to the data network via the same physical line (one port of the access switch). This reduces the number of cables in workplaces, simplifies connection and interaction of devices.
Wired headsets are supported, which will help you negotiate hands-free. The RJ-9 connector on the back of the phone is used for the connection.

The 2-core 64-bit processor provides high performance and wide functionality. Traffic marking mechanisms (QoS 802.1p, DSCP) will help to prioritize its transmission and effectively protect it in data transmission networks.
The VP-30P IP phone has flexible network settings. It can use both a static IP address and a dynamic one obtained via DHCP. Security is ensured by traffic encrypting and Radius protocol used to register on the corporate network*.
*The feature will be available in future updates.
Up to 6 SIP accounts can be connected to the phone. This enables you to use multiple phone numbers on the same device. You can set up a ringtone for each account to distinguish incoming calls.

Extension Console
The VP-30P is equipped with an interface for connecting the Eltex VP-EXT22 extension console. Up to three consoles can be used simultaneously with one phone. It is connected via RJ-25 connector located on the back of the phone.

The extension console is equipped with a large color display, 22 backlit keys, line status indication (BLF) and other functions, as well as with three keys for page switching. Thus, one extension console can have up to 66 additional function keys.

The VP-EXT22 console is especially useful for those who work with a large number of contacts and need quick access to them. The BLF function enables you to: monitor the watched subscriber current line status (busy or free); see the watched subscriber caller number*; pickup calls with one key*.
*The functions will be available in future updates.


Flexible configuration and integration
VP-30P is easily integrated into corporate network and is supported by the main IP PBXs on the market. Devices are managed and monitored via web interface and SSH. The Eltex AutoProvision system will significantly simplify and speed up automatic firmware updates and auto-configuration of phones.

Autoprovision_ТЕЛО_НОВОСТИ_3 eng.png

The phone can integrate with corporate applications and the UC Elph system by Eltex, which significantly extends the functionality of the solution. You can use a smartphone or PC as an office phone with the help of Mobile (iOS / Android) and Desktop applications (Windows / Linux / Astra Linux).

Elph_ТЕЛО_НОВОСТИ_4 eng.png

For more information, contact ELTEX Sales Department at

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