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Overall results of annual construction of the second Eltex facility

13 September 2018

Eltex continues the construction of the second facility and is ready to summarize the year’s results.

The floor area of the second facility will be about 28 thous. m2. Additional production lines will be started in the new building.

The installation of internal power supply systems, water supply, heat supply, water disposal and ventilation systems is ongoing. Finishing works on the 1-3 floors are 98% completed, dividing walls in other building premises are being built. Work began on the design project in the lobby, canteen and recreation spaces.

The installation of a boiler house has been completed, in August it is planned to connect to gas supply and to start commissioning works. At the same time, the installation of elevators has been completed, tests and inspections have already been planned.

Work is being done to landscape the object, pave, plant and decorate the entrance units with granite. The work on the construction of stainless fences on stair flights and parapets is planned.

There is little time left before the commission of the second facility, in the near future it is planned to bring the building into operation.

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