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Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 access point WOP-30L has been launched into serial production

7 August 2023 The outdoor Wi-Fi 6 access points from ELTEX offer significant improvements in wireless network speed and reliability. WOP-30L, a new model in the product line, has been put into serial production.


The new model is designed to organize wireless access in crowded places in open areas – stadiums, parks, squares, factories, construction sites, etc. Thanks to the support of the modern wireless standard, more devices can be connected to WOP-30L and provide everyone with a high connection speed.

WOP-30L is suitable for working in different climatic conditions. The rugged case is reliably protected from dust and moisture according to the IP55 standard, as well as from UV rays and mechanical damage. An operating temperature range of -45°C to +65°C allows using WOP-30L in extreme heat and cold. The access point is mounted on a mast or wall; for this, a special bracket is attached to the back cover.

WOP-30L does not have built-in antennas. Antennas of any type can be connected using four SMA connectors located on the upper end of the case. When designing a network, a suitable antenna can be chosen depending on the tasks and features of the placement.

The PoE+ technology allows using the same 2.5G Ethernet cable to deliver power and to connect a network. The access point operates in two bands – 2.4 and 5 GHz, the total bandwidth is up to 1.7 Gbps.

Wi-Fi 6
WOP-30L supports Wi-Fi 6, giving it a performance and efficiency advantage over access points with previous Wi-Fi standards. The most important technologies for the Wi-Fi 6 standard are supported, such as MU-MIMO 2 × 2 antenna configuration, 1024QAM modulation, OFDMA efficient data transmission mechanism.

The new access point provides faster, more stable and more efficient wireless network for more devices. One device supports up to 100 active connections.

Authorization and security
It is especially important to secure corporate networks from unauthorized access. WOP-30L provides a high level of security with WPA2/WPA3 and WPA2/WPA3 Enterprise encryption protocols.

For centralized authorization of network members, a Radius server and Captive Portal are used.

Seamless roaming
With several WOP-30L access points, seamless roaming (IEEE 802.11r/k/v) can be created. Thus, it is possible to provide a single wireless network to cover a large area. When switching between access points, the user will not feel the connection interruption and will not need to re-authorize. In cases when mobile communication in public places with a large crowd of people is not always available or does not work properly, for example, during citywide holidays, seamless roaming can be a good alternative for communication.

Management options
WOP-30L is configured and controlled via the WEB-interface, CLI, as well as via the telnet, ssh, NETCONF protocols. If there are many access points, it is more convenient to manage them using a software controller Eltex SoftWLC or a hardware controller Eltex WLC-30. They provide additional benefits. For example, a single interface for setting up a number of access points, advanced security features, radio parameters and power management.

WOP-30L is available for order. For more information, please contact ELTEX sales department at:

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