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New production line

14 October 2020 A new full-cycle production line was launched, the third one at the large-batch production site. The line has a capacity of up to 500 units of operator class equipment or up to 2000 subscriber devices per day. Thus, the total capacity of large-batch production is 1500 operator devices or 6000 subscriber devices per day.

The production line consists of:
  • Wave soldering
  • Assembling area
  • Parametric and functional testing area
  • Equipment packaging
Increase of production capacity allows the enterprise to make large supplies of equipment in the shortest time possible. In addition to productivity growth, the production line has created additional workplaces at the enterprise.

The next stage of production expansion is a new, second high-tech SMD mounting line (surface element assembly), which is scheduled for launch in early 2021.

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