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New Features in Eltex Home App

11 January 2024 In September, we presented version 2.7 of the Eltex Home app, which brought many enhancements to Eltex Smart Home management.
Versions 2.8 and 2.9 have recently been released, and version 2.10 has become available on the eve of the New Year. The updates brought a number of significant functionality improvements and made the app usage even more convenient.
The app is available on App Store for iOS devices, Google Play, or AppGallery for Android devices.

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Sign up and shared access
  • Log in a smart home account or sign up via the Eltex Home app has become even easier and faster, using social media accounts on the application login screen*.
  • Starting with version 2.9, you can manage your smart home together with family members and friends. To do this, install the Eltex Home app, scan the QR code on the screen, or click a special link**.
* Only for the Android app.
** Only for the iOS app.

Support for new devices
  • There is support for smart IR remote control by Eltex, which will be available to users in early 2024. It can be used to control AC, TV, and more. To do this, you need to program it with signals from a standard remote control. The smart IR remote control can be used in shared scenarios with home appliances and smart devices. For example, with a temperature sensor, you can set the air conditioner to switch on automatically when the room gets hot.
  • Version 2.10 makes it possible to add Eltex online cameras. They will be available to users in 2024.
  • The names of the services and their content have been modified. It is related to the production of new devices, their positioning inside the smart home infrastructure, and the intent to facilitate user engagement with smart home.
The Management service allows you to switch on and off lighting and household appliances connected via a smart socket or relay. The Control service provides timely detection of threats to the home using smoke and leak detectors as well as monitors humidity and temperature. If someone attempts to enter your home, the Security service will warn you. It includes door/window, motion, and lighting sensors. With the Cameras service, you can watch online broadcast from home and events using recording archive.

  • The process of adding Wi-Fi and Z-Wave devices to a smart home has become easier and more convenient. Now you can select a specific device to be added, such as a Z-Wave sensor, a smart socket or relay, an IR remote control, or an online camera. The device-adding algorithm and the hints that appear in the process evolved.
  • Improved design of grouping. Now you can add the necessary smart devices just when you create a group.
  • Onboarding is added to the main screen to introduce users to the interface and its features.

This year, we plan to further expand the functionality of the Eltex smart home. Stay up to date on the Eltex website and social networks.

For more information on Eltex Smart Home, please contact the ELTEX Sales Department at

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