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N/Type has integrated Microsoft skype for business solutions into Eltex voice gateways

24 February 2016

System integrator "N/type" successfully implemented integration of Microsoft Skype for Business solutions and voice gateways domestic production of SMG-2, SMG-4 by Eltex.

These gateways allow for a smooth transition from traditional office telephone system to modern VoIP-networks, ensuring full compatibility with the customer's existing telephone equipment. Use of domestic telephony gateways significantly cheaper than their foreign counterparts, as the production is located in Russia. In addition, they take into account all the specifics of the park office PBX used in Russia.

"Today, Microsoft Skype for Business is one of the most popular and convenient platforms for the organization of modern information exchange within the company, online messaging, organization of voice and video calls, teleconferencing, Outlook integration, and etc. On the other hand, many companies especially with a wide branch structure continues to use traditional TDM telephony ", - says Sergey Kleimenov, General Director of“N/type". “The joint decision on the basis of domestic Gateways allows to make incoming and outgoing calls from a single client of Skype For Business, as well as to reduce the companies’spending by saving on the payment of telephone services of fixed and mobile communications."

This decision will be interesting primarily for enterprise customers with distributed branch infrastructure to create a united information space using TDM telephony.

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