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Mesh network technology has been implemented on ELTEX access points

13 December 2018

The functionality is available on WEP/WOP-2ac, WEP/WOP-12ac and WOP-12ac-LR devices after updating to the firmware with mesh support.

The specific feature of a mesh network is the use of special protocols with radio channel status monitoring and supporting for dynamic routing of traffic along the optimal route. If one of the access points fails, the traffic is automatically redirected along a new route. Definition of the optimal route is performed on the basis of the radio environment quality, the number of direct connections, and the occupancy of transmission routes; this ensures a quick response to any changes in the radio environment or the network containment. The technology operates at a frequency of 5 GHz, which provides high bandwidth and less interference. ELTEX access points provide encryption of traffic sent within a mesh network.

Mesh is a self-organizing meshed network where access points are all connected to each other, acting as routers for the rest of net members. Due to complete connection, there is an opportunity to create a fault-tolerant, self-healing segment of a wireless network. A mesh network includes access point designated as a controller and node access points. The access point, which is a controller, manages a network and acts as a gateway between wired and wireless networks. The other access points (nodes) are connected to each other and to the wired access point by using a radio channel and form a directly-connected mesh network.

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Due to the simple deployment, company staff engineers can use the technology to organize an enterprise network in an office, warehouse facility or warehouse complex, in large pavilions for Wi-Fi product accounting devices, as well as to organize Wi-Fi coverage in parks and shopping centers. It is also can be used to deploy an enterprise wireless LAN, to organize a self-healing network at industrial enterprises, as well as to organize a network in operations where it is not possible to run the cable, but it is possible to organize wireless connection.

The mesh network can be configured by SoftWLC management system as well as by access point WEB interface. They suggest network monitoring functions that include viewing of data transmission statistics, current status of connection between participants and the network topology.

The main advantages of the technology are the following:

• High fault-tolerance;
• Simplified network deployment in comparison with a wired one;
• Self-organizing network topology;
• Automatic connection recovery in case of any access point failure or switching off;
• Dynamic routing inside of a network and choice of the optimal route when data transmitting;
• Data transmission security (encrypted connection between nodes);
• High data rate by using 802.11ac technology;
• Centralized management by SoftWLC.

Contact the ELTEX commercial department to order free testing of access points with mesh network technology:

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