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IR remote control is available for Eltex smart home for controlling home appliances

14 February 2024 Eltex presents a new device for smart home – IR remote SW-IRC01. It is designed to automate the control of home appliances that are controlled via IR channel.


The smart remote control replicates infrared commands from regular remote controls of home appliances, such as TVs, air conditioners, audio systems, projectors. Thus, even the most ordinary appliances will become smart, they will be able to interact with other smart devices and participate in complex automation scenarios.

The IR remote control is connected to Eltex Smart Home via Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz through any home router. The remote control can be configured and devices can be controlled via the Eltex Home mobile app. You can use it to turn appliances on/off, change operating modes and other parameters.

Supported devices
Eltex Smart Home has a database of IR signal templates for popular devices such as TVs and air conditioners. All you need to do is to choose the right one and start controlling your appliances via a smart IR remote control. Eltex is constantly expanding the database of templates, and with new updates there will be even more of them.
If the required device is not in the database, Eltex Home application has a manual mode of adding it. Using it, the user will be able to program the smart remote control to work with almost any device controlled via IR channel and having a regular remote control.

Scenarios and schedules
SW-IRC01 is fully integrated into the Eltex Smart Home system. This means that it can be used in various automation scenarios together with other Eltex devices: sensors, relays, sockets, etc.

For example, if the room gets hot, the temperature sensor will detect this and command the air conditioner to start at a comfortable temperature. And in the evening when watching a movie, automatically dim the lights and turn on the projector or TV. The number of scenarios is limitless and depends on the user's tasks and fantasy.

Operation on third-party smart home platforms
IR remote control supports working with third-party smart home platforms: Yandex, Sber and VK. This allows you to control home appliances connected through the smart IR remote using voice assistants Alice, Salute and Marusia.

Through the "Home with Alice", "Salute" and "Marusia" apps, you can set up scenarios for the IR remote to work together with smart devices from other manufacturers supported by the platforms. At the moment, only remotes that are created from templates in the Eltex Home app are added to them.

The IR remote from Eltex offers maximum flexibility in automating the control of home appliances. To learn more about the device and its features, please contact the Eltex Sales Department:

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