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Industrial enterprises choose Eltex equipment for PBX modernization

28 March 2017

Joint stock company "Electroagregat"  put into operation a new telephone system based on SMG-1016M equipment designed by Eltex. The development, supply and commissioning of the new telephone system were implemented by SPE (Scientific and Production Enterprise) "ROTEK - Novosibirsk" - official dealer of Eltex.

Need of modernization was occurred due to installed in 2009 PBX:
  • Didn't provide reliability of the phone connection
  • Didn't  allow fast and low-cost number transferring, in case of subscriber relocation
  • Didn`t allow realization of additional function for the dispatchers workplace organization

As the result of new telephone system development,  solution based on SMG-1016M trunk gateway with IP PBX functions and multiport VoIP gateways TAU-72  has been chosen.  SMG-1016M  provides connection to PSTN via E1 (SS7, PRI) or SIP, has IP PBX functions with VAS support and enables SIP phones and VoIP gateways direct connection.

VoIP gateways with capability up to 72 ports allowed organization of distributed telephone network with remote IP- subscribers  and analogue phone connection through the installed subscriber lines. Thus, technical solution provides connection of SIP as well as analogue phones to the company's telephone network.

The reconnection of the new telephone system was made by SPE "ROTEK - Novosibirsk" in a short time on weekend with customer settings saving. It allowed continuous service providing for subscribers in working time. 

As the result of this project our client obtained up-to-date distributed telephone network, which has additional functions:
  • VAS, such as call forwarding, call pickup and Busy Lamp Field function
  • Dispatchers have the opportunity to monitor call history and notify about operator state automatically
  • SIP phones can be connected without configuration, using only Auto-Provision function and a phonebook

About  JSC "Electroagregat":
The holding company "Electroagregat"  is a one of the leading industrial Enterprises in Novosibirsk. Engineers of "Electroagregat" develop, product and sale power supply systems, electrical installations, diesel electric generating sets with the power of less than 1000 kW (open, under noise-absorbing hood, in mini-container, on a trailer or chassis, in "Sever" type block-container; with automatic or manual control, with remote monitoring and management).

You can obtain more detailed information from the authorized dealers and staff of the Eltex commercial department:

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