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Firmware update for VP-12, VP-12P, VP-15 and VP-15P IP phones. Firmware version – 2.1.0

20 January 2020 Eltex has released a new firmware version for VP-12, VP-12P, VP-15 and VP-15P IP phones.

List of changes in software version 2.1.0
  • Added viewing of voice mail and MWI counters
  • Added BLF function
  • Added support for LLDP, LLDP + MED
  • Added support for remote phonebook
  • Added the redirected section in the call log
  • Added call forwarding notification
  • Added search for local contacts
  • Added customization of soft keys
  • Fixed erroneous call state change
  • Fixed problems when copying a contact from LDAP to local storage

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