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Firmware update for TAU-xM.IP VoIP gateways. Version - 2.3.0

16 March 2020

ELTEX has released a new firmware version 2.3.0 for VoIP gateways TAU-1M.IP, TAU-2M.IP, TAU-4M.IP.

  • Password encryption in the device configuration
  • HTTP Digest Authentication
  • Calling line identification using “Russian AON”
  • Extension dialing upon receiving 18x with SDP
  • Advanced PPPoE/L2TP/PPTP tunnel settings
  • New Russian cities in the time zone list
  • FXS statistics
  • Telephone set availability monitoring
  • CPU load monitoring
  • “Busy” tone for pulse dialing
  • WEB configurator tabs display
  • DHCP Option 33 and DHCP Option 121
  • SIP server registration when using CLIR
  • Transition to a redundant SIP server in case the primary one is unavailable
  • PPPoE without Secondary access
  • Applying a configuration via “Autoprovisioning” without rebooting
  • Switching between primary and backup firmware images
  • Using STUN server for registration and calls via NAT
  • SIP INFO Message processing with Message Body unused
  • Domain names resolving via VoIP interface
  • Space character usage in DHCP Option 60
  • Call release due to “Internal media error” on changing “Owner/Creator” SDP field

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